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The day that changed my life forever began with a whisper.

At age thirty-five, I held a prestigious decade-long career in Swiss banking. To the outside world, I possessed all the enviable signs of success.

Inside, I was dying.

In a moment of clarity, I made a radical decision. On April 6, 2001, I pressed the reset button on my life.

In a moment of clarity, I made radical decision. On April 6, 2001, I pressed the reset button on my life.
Suddenly, I stopped being a prisoner of my past, and became the creator of my future.

That decision transformed my life.

Within days, I gave away virtually everything I owned. I did not want any memories of the old status-seeking me.

In the spring of 2001 I moved back to Canada. I left Switzerland with almost nothing. It was extremely scary. I had no plan or idea of what was coming next in my new life. All I knew was that I did not want any part of the old life I was leaving behind.

I thought Vancouver would be a good place to start over. The city was known for its healthy quality of life.

I began to chart a course of accepting the unknown and deciding not to be afraid of what was to come next.

Colin Kingsmill Coach colour image on terraceEvery chance I could, I stepped into the unknown. At work, without hesitation, I changed divisions and responsibilities, changed countries and projects. With each change and new experience I have grown personally and professionally. I have travelled and enjoyed life and new friends in ways I could have never imagined just a few years earlier.

I have lived in Canada, Switzerland, The United States, The Maldives, Thailand, The United Kingdom and Montenegro. My clients have taken me even farther afield, working in places from Bora Bora to Dubrovnik, and many more in between.

Today, I have friends around the world who say “I want your job,” or others who say “you should write a book.”

Together with my Laurier Partners consulting, I am now dedicating my work and life experience to coaching, mentoring and helping others navigate this complex world.


BA Triple Major (Political Science, History, French)

MBA in International Finance and International Marketing

Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Member Swiss Alpine Club

Member International Coach Federation

International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

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