Colin Kingsmill



Picture a 20-something woman, in the early stages of her career, unsure of not only herself but of the appropriate path to pursue. Enter Colin Kingsmill, a refined finance manager recently returned to Canada from Switzerland, to reinvent his own career. That same woman – me – now sits as a Marketing Director for one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world and can absolutely attribute many of the successes I’ve had to the influence Colin has had on me, both professionally and personally. He was quick to point out areas where I was wasting my energy (the never-ending cycle of unproductive marketing meet-and-greets, for example) and gave me a push in the right direction, which at the time was communications, but has grown into a career spanning nearly two decades encompassing brand marketing, digital strategy and now filmmaking. Colin was the first of many influences throughout my life who turned me on to the power of positive energy and how that can manifest into everything you’ve ever dreamed of. He continues to be that light source for me today. Thrilled he’s applying his talents to his new coaching endeavor and would recommend him to anyone looking to make a seismic and meaningful shift in the way they approach their life and career.


Los Angeles

Colin Kingsmill is the Alpine Anthony Robbins; a transformational coach with a truly humanistic approach, he has a magical ability to fast-track those epiphany moments that I find would normally take years to arrive at. The clarity of my mind and thought processes after only 2-3 sessions were much like the pristine Swiss idyll he works from: lofty, pure and serene. I felt literally invincible and overcame barriers to career enlightenment as a result of his talents. I cannot recommend him highly enough for both personal development and career coaching.



Colin is an incredible coach and friend. In less than three months after we started our coaching sessions, he was able to guide me through major changes in my life, both on a professional and a personal level. Thanks to his ability to discern the right approach to my doubts, he helped me to see things from another point of view and gain more self-confidence. I am sincerely grateful to him for having supported and mentored me in an important moment of my life.



Colin was able to disintegrate every single issue form one on another and he managed to give all of my issue a specific space and place. By ranking it from the most important to the least important. What was so exceptional is that he manages to ask the questions so relevant that all of a sudden you realize that all your issues or obstacles are mainly linked to one personality trait. And once that is identified he naturally proposes positive actions and thoughts to tackle this on a daily basis.

In additional to his great sense of listening, he has developed a characteristic in which you trust him fully with all your thoughts, issues and obstacles. Due to his unlimited patience he then explores these on all sides, which often gives you a much wider and much more positive aspect to your actual obstacle.

Throughout this training and due to his training, I realize that some of his words pop in my mind when in doubt, or when in hesitation to take the next step forward.
He is truly an inspirational personality on which you can build upon. I truly believe that the transition from my old entrepreneur career to my new corporate position could have not been such a success without him by my side.



Colin clearly has exceptional flair in his field of expertise. His breadth of knowledge, combined with acute analytical skills make him stand out in a crowded market.  He works with creativity and intellectual muscle to offer insightful guidance.  Naturally positive in his approach, he doesn’t shy from bold lines of questioning to get a deeper sense of the issues at stake.  He uses engaging tools to explore brand concepts and encourages me to look harder before making key decisions at this critical strategic stage. It has been a joy to work with him thus far in my journey towards starting a business.



Working with Colin has given me the clarity and confidence to move forward with achieving my goals. He has a gift for cutting through confusion to shine a clear, focused light on previously hidden possibilities. Colin brings broad personal experience and highly respected professional credentials to be the guy you want in your corner.  With innate wisdom and humour, Colin eased the stress and fear of facing needed change.



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