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5 Ways You Can Create Cultural Cohesion

Aug 7, 2023 | Leadership, Workplace Well-Being

Everything related to the workplace has changed in the past few years. People’s priorities have shifted dramatically as the indicators of success are no longer what they used to be.

The relationship between employers, leaders, managers and employees has changed, and everything – even down to how new office spaces are designed – has had to adapt.

Building a successful organisation today requires more than focusing on the obvious indicators from the past: product, price, placement, performance review, ROI and so on. 

A crucial element that often goes overlooked is Cultural Cohesion.

A strongly aligned and unified team with a shared vision and values can truly propel an organisation to greatness.

However, achieving such a culture is a challenging task.

Specific ingredients deserve attention to foster cohesion in today’s complex and ever-changing world: egoless leadership, authentic connection, mindfulness, kindness, compassionate inquiry, and a common shared humanity.

We may even need new measurement metrics, as many people no longer subscribe or relate to the old paradigms.


First and foremost, egoless leadership is essential for building a solid and cohesive culture. Leaders must prioritise the success of the team over their individual agendas. This approach fosters an environment of trust, collaboration, and respect, boosting employee morale and motivating the team to work together towards a common goal.


Next, a true connection among team members is vital. Meaningful relationships should be fostered within the team, with active listening and a genuine appreciation for each individual’s strengths and contributions. Employees who feel connected to their team are more likely to invest fully in the organisation’s success.


Practising mindfulness in the workplace can also significantly impact cultural cohesion. Employees can stay focused, make better decisions, and maintain a strong connection with their team by being fully present and engaged in the current moment. Encouraging mindfulness creates a positive and productive environment, fostering increased productivity and happier employees.


Kindness and compassionate inquiry are additional key elements. Organisations that prioritise these values naturally cultivate a more positive and cohesive culture. Emphasising empathetic communication and encouraging open-ended questions that foster more profound understanding and empathy can drive teamwork, innovation, and creative problem-solving.


Lastly, alignment with personal values is crucial for achieving cultural cohesion. This means ensuring that employees, from leaders to front-line team members, are aligned with the organisation’s mission, vision, and values – and those must be authentic. Employees will feel greater purpose and motivation by identifying and incorporating individual values into the organisation’s goals.

Let’s prioritise these elements in the workplace and create an organisation that thrives on shared humanity! Speak to us about team coaching.

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